Uit De Kas
Uit De Kas
Uit De Kas
Uit De Kas

Uit De Kas

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Going green -- A unique fragrance inspired by the countryside cosmopolitain and the greenhouse in which she grows fresh herbs and blooming florals. A fabulous balance of   herb, spice, green and citrus zest. 


Mood: Clean, Green, Focus Machine


Size: 480gr
Burn Time: 80-85 hours

Size: 200gram
Burn Time: 30- 35 hours

TOP: Blooming Basil
MIDDLE: Pepper Thyme, Grapefruit
BASE: Oregano, Nutmeg


TIP: Melt remaining wax at 85°C in the oven for a few minutes, or by carefully using a heat gun. Remove wax and recycle the vessel for new life!